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I haven’t attended a Creative Writing Retreat, nor written anything before. Is that okay?

Absolutely! At our creative writing retreat, we’ll inspire you to begin a writing project, and give you the time and confidence to build your skills as a writer. You won’t have to share anything you write unless you choose to, but if you do, you can be certain of an enthusiastic response. Never having attended a creative writing retreat before isn’t a problem, either. And if you don’t usually travel – don’t worry. We meet you at the airport, and take care of everything from there.

I am an experienced writer with a near-complete novel. Will I benefit from this retreat?

If you’re looking for feedback, send along a 3,000 word sample at least a week before the retreat, and I would be happy to offer you a critique during the holiday. If you’re struggling to get inspired and finish your project, our workshops (and the environment) should help with that. Finally, if you need advice about structural or minor edits, getting an agent, finding a publisher… we can help.

My husband/friend wants to attend, but doesn’t want to write. Is that okay?

There’s plenty for accompanying friends and family to do both at the lodge and nearby. Occasionally, participants have attended with older children, and workshops in creative writing can sometimes be arranged separately for writers ages 9-17. To be fair to our adult writers, you must be aged 18 or over to take our scheduled writing classes.

I have special needs – mobility, diet etc. Can you accommodate me?

Call us to discuss your specific needs. The restaurant has a wide choice of foods suited to vegetarians, vegans and gluten free diets. Writers with mobility challenges can usually be accommodated in cottages right beside the pool and restaurant, where there are no stairs to climb. Let’s talk!

I have rarely travelled outside North America. I’m worried about safety, currency, the language – how will I know what to do?

Costa Rica is great choice for inexperienced travellers. There is a well developed tourist network, the roads are excellent, the health care is top notch, most of the people you meet will speak English, and you will be spending US Dollars. We will help you with all the details along the way, and the tour is fully escorted.

Can I use my laptop to write? Is there wi fi?

Yes, and yes!

Can I speak with someone before I book?

Of course! Our office number is +1 416 766 7124. We’re happy to take as long as you like to answer all your questions. We welcome just 8-12 people on each trip, which means we can offer a very personal approach. We’re here to help.

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