Centauri Arts

Arts Training for Kids, Teens and Youth in Ontario, Canada


Welcome to Centauri Arts! Our mandate is to offer specialized training in the arts for young people aged 8-18 from Toronto and all over the world. We offer two centres in Ontario, Canada, for young people with a passion for the arts. The first is The Centauri Arts Academy, which offers evening classes in Toronto in Filmmaking, Creative Writing and Acting. The second is Centauri Summer Arts Camp, a residential summer program where we run 40 specialised arts courses  for 500+  youth from Canada, the United States and all over the world!

Centauri Arts Academy,
Toronto, Ontario


Centauri Arts Academy in Toronto. Arts Classes for Teens 


The Centauri Arts Academy offers weekly classes in Filmmaking, Creative Writing and Acting for the Theatre.

For teens and youth ages 12 to 18 in Toronto and the GTA.




Centauri Summer Arts Camp,
Wellandport, Ontario


Centauri Summer Arts Camp. Arts training for kids and teens in an overnight camp community. 


Centauri Summer Arts Camp is an overnight camp specializing in arts training. Our summer arts training includes workshops and classes in Film, Acting, Theatre, Dance, Writing, Fine Art, Photography, Digital Arts, Music and Musical Theatre. Located just 1 1/2 hours from Toronto, we welcome young artists from all over Canada, United States and many other countries. Choose an art form and enjoy workshops and classes in your chosen field for up to 6 hours a day.


For kids, teens and youth ages 8 to 18.